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GEWA Soprano ukulele Manoa P-SO
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GEWA Soprano ukulele Manoa P-SO

  • Body and neck Sapelli
  • Fingerboard and bridge Richlite
  • Scale 344 mm, nut width 35 mm
  • Open, chrome plated machine heads
  • Open pore silk matt finish
  • Incl. Gig-Bag
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Dark natural wood

Ukuleles have been enjoying increasing popularity for years, and for good reason: with their very special sound, the handy, travel-suitable instruments bring a piece of South Seas flair to the living room, the rehearsal room, the campfire or the stage.

The feeling of summer, sun and beach at any time of year.

The GEWA MANOA series has something in store for everyone who has discovered or wants to discover this feeling for themselves: from the beginner to the guitarist on the way to being the ukulele professional.

The range includes various sizes and designs, purely acoustic but also electro-acoustic models, as well as exotic versions such as the ukulele banjo.

As we all know, taste is subjective, even when it comes to the appearance of an instrument. But we can state quite objectively that everyone gets their money's worth here. Beautifully ornamented, grandly, strikingly lacquered or quite plain, the MANOA designs are always worth a look.

All instruments are delivered with a case adapted to the model and price range in terms of features and design.

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High-quality instruments are and always have been our mission.

But they must also be affordable and accessible to all.

GEWA German Engineered products are 100% conceptualised and designed by our experts in Germany. Know-How, experience and a constantly open ear for the needs of music creators characterise the work of the development teams.

In cooperation with partners and GEWA-owned production facilities all over the world, ideas are then turned into instruments. These locations enable us to use production techniques that are not available in this form elsewhere.

Our specialists regularly visit all the workshops to train the staff and to make sure that the production runs according to our ideas in all respects.

This enables us to guarantee a reasonable price at a consistently high production quality. But that is not quite enough for us.

That's why every single instrument is put through its paces again in our service workshops before delivery. Only in this way can we be sure that GEWA German Engineered is always the right choice.

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