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Caballero was the name of Manuel Rodríguez's grandfather, the first Luthier of this traditional manufactory. The person with whom everything began.

In his honour, a brand was to be created that stands for the
beginning (Spanish: principio). The beginning of musical growth, the entry into the world of guitar playing.

The first contact with guitars that have that certain Spanish something, that are light and well-balanced, that inspire with their quick response.

The Caballero by MR guitars were designed by Manuel Rodríguez in collaboration with the German GEWA development team. For the best possible price/performance ratio, they are manufactured at GEWA's own production facilities in Asia, which is the only reason why they are so attractively priced and yet so convincing in terms of quality.


The beginning [Spanish. Principio] of all guitar playing needs a good but affordable instrument.

The PRINCIPIO instruments from Caballero by MR are perfect for this, because they promise an absolutely amazing price/performance ratio.

"Amazing" really is the right word in this case, because the guitars have an exceptionally good sound for this price range, are very light but nevertheless very stable.

This is primarily due to the special construction of the neck made of okoumé wood. Its reinforcement by two feather-light carbon rods provides special stability in this sensitive area.

The guitar body is assembled according to traditional construction methods: Solid spruce or cedar is used for the top, and the back and sides are made of sapele. The water-based eco-matt lacquer provides a pleasant feel and also contributes significantly to the open sound character of the instruments, as the open-pored treatment allows the wood to vibrate much more freely.

The visual qualities of the instruments are further emphasised by the wooden mosaic soundhole rosette and the gold-plated machine head.

German-made Hannabach 600HT nylon strings with carbon G3 string are factory-fitted and perfectly round off the sound concept of this series.

The purely acoustic models of the PRINCIPIO series are available in the four standard sizes 4/4, 7/8, 3/4 and1/2.

In addition, there are two electro-acoustic versions.

The version with a solid spruce top has a discreet matt black open-pore lacquer finish. Due to the slightly flatter body, the feedback behaviour of the guitar is much more controlled when it is played amplified.

Furthermore, it has a slightly narrower nut of 48mm. This is especially useful for musicians with smaller hands or who only occasionally swap their steelstring for a nylon guitar.

The model with a solid cedar top has a standard 4/4 nut depth and width, but offers a cutaway that facilitates access to the higher notes.


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Show all products of this brand
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Caballero by MR